Sunday, 12 January 2014

Moments {a weekly collection}

1. A mandala for a cool change and a sprinkle of rain...
2. Breakfast for my little bear...
3. Sifting sand in a warm beach pool...
4. A little project, of beach scattered leaves and stitches...
5. Moon watching and ring admiring in a new dress of natural dyes...

A little compilation of moments from our week that was.

Joining in with the lovely Em from The Beetle Shack.


  1. These photos are just beautiful :0)

  2. What is exactly is a Mandala if you don't mind me asking? -- your images of them are so lovely & thoughtful, I can see they are very grounding and calming to create.

  3. just stunning and magical. wonderful to land here today xxx

  4. Beautiful, hope you get your cool change soon, I could use one here too.

  5. A gorgeous breakfast for a little bear. Sand sifting is the best!

  6. Beautiful patterns & colours in these photos, lovely x