Saturday 27 July 2013


'A portrait of my boy, once a week, every week, in 2013'

Late afternoon at the beach, low tide... the Winter sun caught in his hair and formed a golden halo... 
This is my favourite portrait of Anaru so far. I really love how the 52 Project has developed my perspective when taking photos of Anaru, and helped me to think beyond the more standard forms of portraiture.

Last week I loved the beautiful tones in Mischief, Magic & Mayhem's photos / had my breath taken by silhouettes and a sweet sleeping face at Hello Sisilia / and admired the black and white magic of Piper and Poppies beautiful captures.

As always, joining in with the beautiful Jodi of Che and Fidel and her 52 Project.


  1. The halo is wonderful - such a beautiful, atmospheric effect!

  2. What a striking shot! Love the light in the hair... :)

  3. Oh that wispy hair! What a beautiful soul he is. HOpe your week is calm and light filled :) x

  4. This is stunning, such a beautiful silhouette. :)

  5. stunning! just stunning! what a beautiful capture! xo